Candid Color Systems® offers a wide range of print products from Gallery Wraps to sports plaques that are sure to fit your customer's needs. Many of our products can be personalized with custom artwork to create products guaranteed to outshine the competition.

Kling Ons

Kling Ons transform any image into a life-sized wall sticker. Once printed, Kling Ons have a paper-like feel and lasting durability. They can range in size from 36" to 84" and have special, low-tack glue making them easily applicable to walls, windows and other smooth surfaces. Kling Ons are also available in two smaller sizes, 8x10 and 16x20. The 8x10 Kling On includes one 5x7 Kling On and two 3.5x5 Kling Ons on one sheet (all of the same image) while the 16x20 Kling On includes one 10x18 and two 8x10 Kling Ons (all of the same image).