Titled Prints

What's in a name? The importance of names is a fact that is disputed by no one; they help identify people, places and things that are important to us. The same can be said about the pictures you take and sell to your customers.

Being able to identify where and when a picture was taken makes a print more than just a print, it makes it a genuine keepsake.

Titled Prints have been a staple of the Candid Color Systems product mix since we opened our doors in the early 70's. For over 35 years Candid Color customers have provided prints with titles and crests/logos to customers at college parties, corporate events, graduations, and sports.

We're one of the few labs that offers an efficient way to add titles to your prints that requires little post production time for the professional photographer.

For the Candid Color customer, adding titles and logos to prints is easy. With one step in our proprietary software, you merely add the titles you want to appear on all prints and then hit save.

For someone who doesn't currently use us, depending on the number of images shot, it could take hours to add titles and logos individually to every image.

Importantly, titles will also always appear in the correct spot when using Candid Color's software regardless of the aspect ratio of the print size being ordered.

At Candid Color Systems, we also color correct all your images before we place titles and graphics on them. This means that everything renders properly and that the correct hues and colors appear on the final print.

Plus, on all Candid e-commerce websites, prints will render with titles in your customer's browser automatically before they buy them! That is a powerful sales tool.

Also, you can offer your customers image downloads with titles and logos/crests as a digital product. So to recap some of the benefits of prints with titles:
• They're easy to set up
• Setting them up is fast and efficient
• As the aspect ratio of ordered prints changes, titles are positioned correctly and consistently on all prints. This eliminates the risk of the title getting cutoff in production
• The title info and image are independently color corrected
• Prints render on the retail website so your customers can preview the product before they buy
• They can be offered as digital download products

Candid Color offers variety of different types of titled prints to its professional photo lab customers. For example:
• Drop Shadow Titles
• Full Color Titles
• Graphic Titles
• Overlay Titles
• Overlay Titles with Graphics

Your customers can even choose from several styles at the same event, if you choose.

On top of that, titled prints are a re-booking tool. With ability to add the logo of your photography studio to every print or digital download sold, they essentially become pieces of free advertising.

Your customers will always want to be able to look at their photographs and easily be able to remember where and when that image was taken, and who took them.

Prints with titles from Candid Color are a great differentiator that can set your photography business apart and will help you book more events and maximize the sales at your events.