Candid Color Systems® is the leader in the photographic industry for consistently introducing custom artwork with cutting-edge graphics and designs. Our innovative product section houses hundreds of modern products created by our in-house art department that are sure to impress any client.

Freestyle Collage

Freestyle Collage is an affordable, customizable product that gives photographers the ability to allow customers to create unique prints from event images that fits their personal style. Freestyle Collage not only gives customers to choose their own images, but also customers can choose their own backgrounds as well as add text with or without bubbles. Photographers have the ability to use default backgrounds, or those that they upload themselves. This software is available in the Grad, Race, Sport, School and PPS/Wedding Market and can only be used by customers that are using the new, version 3 CCS retail website. Print products ordered using this software are available in 10 different sizes ranging from a 5x7 print to a 30x40.