Candid Color Systems® Level Two™ and Attitude Pano designs have been among our top selling products since their inception. Our impressive library of designs is continually growing and has quickly become one of the most unique and diverse product lines in the industry. With eye catching graphics and customizable text, these product lines are sure to impress any client.

Level Two™

Level Two™ products are custom pieces of artwork created from posed, action or simulated action sports images. Our graphic artists place images on one of our 50+ Level Two™ background designs, which are then matched to the color of the subject's uniform/clothing. Many Level Two™ designs can also be personalized with the subject's name, team name, organization logo, and year or school letter. The resulting image is always printed on Kodak® Endura Metallic paper. Print sizes range from 4x5 to 30x40.

Multi-image Level Two™ designs are an expansion of our current Level Two™ product line. There are seven designs to choose from, each boasting 2-3 images of an individual.