Candid Color Systems® is the largest full-service special events lab in the country. We can assist your business from start to finish, and every point in-between. Our goal is to become not just your lab, but also your marketing partner. We have the resources and the expertise to help you carve out your niche in photography, putting you in position to maximize your revenue and grow your business.

Why Candid Color Systems®?

Highlights of what we offer:
  • High quality photofinishing
  • Color correction, cropping, and other options at no extra charge
  • Average two-day turnaround
  • Lowest e-commerce fees in the industry
  • No hidden fees
  • Collated, individual packaging
  • Expanded shipping options
  • Webinars, newsletters and features for professional development
  • Weekly direct deposits into your bank account from online sales
  • Exciting, competitive products
  • Marketing resources, development support and operational assistance
  • Top-notch customer service

Compare Us With Other Labs!!!

NO FEES! Doesn't that sound good coming from a professional photo finishing lab? Candid Color is the most economical solution for marketing online.

Candid Color Systems® does NOT Charge:
  • Franchise fees for using our lab
  • Account sign up fees
  • Monthly service charges
  • Web based software fees
  • Color correcting fees
  • Print minimums
  • Image upload and hosting fees
  • Training fees
Candid Color Systems® provides:
  • Free sales and marketing support
  • 100s of cutting edge products
  • Competitive lab pricing
  • Multiple software options
  • Order fulfillment and direct mail
  • FAST turnaround time
  • Free software training
  • Custom Branded Online Storefront
  • Online ordering for customers
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Outstanding Green Screen Solutions
Candid Color Systems® charges:
  • 7% of online sales if your average event file size is 800K or more, 5% for less than 800K
  • 3% merchant fee
  • Percentages only apply when you sell to customers online
At Candid Color Systems®, we promote trying new things! There are NO upfront or per image fees allowing you to shoot more images! Just think of the savings and freedom you will experience if you bring your photo finishing to Candid Color Systems®.

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