Once a photographer has signed up for an account with Candid Color Systems® they are immediately mailed a new customer information packet. This packet is the new customers guide to getting started with Candid Color.

New CCS Customer Info Packet

This helpful welcome package is designed to get customers familiar with everything we do as well as to get samples in their hands ASAP so that they can use them to help you book more business!

The new customer information package includes:
  • A Mini Catalog - Filled with pricing info on the different products that we offer our customers.
  • A Marketing Materials Catalog - Filled with pricing info for all the different marketing materials we can create for our customers.
  • Compare Labs Sheet - A sheet showing how we stack up against other professional photo labs.
  • CCS Sports Promo Mini Mag - A small booklet that recaps how we can benefit photographers who shoot youth sports.
  • Faux Group Pricing - Shows photographers how much it will cost them to create Faux groups.
  • Attitude Pano floors and artwork styles - Shows Photographers the different floors and designs their customers will have to choose from when purchasing Attitude Panos.
  • Level Two™ and Green Screen Faux Group flyers - Marketing pieces that promote green screen and faux group products before picture day.
  • Level Two™ samples
  • Products per customer request, dependant on market type.
  • 1 to 2 Attitude Pano samples
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